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ENN Deposit
ENN Deposit

ENN Deposit

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Evening Night Night (ENN): Introducing the future of biodynamic lighting. Our patented 'dumb bulb' is anything but ordinary.

Three Modes, One Bulb: Tailored to seamlessly transition through your day:

    • Sleep :  Fire like ambiance, engineered to exclude blue and green light, fostering uninterrupted rest.
    • Soothe : Very warm, yet colour accurate mode for colorful sleep prep.
    • Mellow : Soft, warm illumination with a CRI of 96+, soothing to the eyes.

Simplicity at its Best: We've reimagined the light bulb to prioritise your well-being. No apps, no complications. 

The mode sequence is reversed to avoid accidental blue light exposure during the night. The bulb also resets every 15s to ensure the night safe first mode always comes first.

300Kč Deposit, first month free, renews at 65Kč / month

Mode 1


Tailored to let you prepare for sleep without disruptiong your natural circadian rhythm.

Quickly turn off and on again to progress, no apps.

Mode 2


Minimal impacts on your circadian rhythm by reducing blue light, while keeping colors alive.

Mode 3


Very warm light with decreased blue and green wavelengths for natural night time onset.